Native American coloring pages for adults

Native Americans (or American Indians) are "people whose pre-Columbian ancestors were indigenous to the lands [United States of America] within the nation's modern boundaries" (source : Wikipedia)

Different tribes constitue these peoble also called "Indians" or "American Indians", the main ones are : Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, Chippewa, Apache, Iroquois.

In this gallery, you will find exclusive coloring pages of Native Americans : drawings, pictures in black and white with contrat enhancement ...

coloring-skull-indian-par-valentin free to print

Coloring page of a Native American skull with a coif waiting to be colored

coloring-wolf-par-valentin free to print

Coloring of a wolf wearing an Indian headdress

coloring-Indian-wolf-par-valentin free to print

Coloring of an Indian and a wolf

coloring-page-native-american-various-symbols free to print

Various Symbols linked to Native Americans

coloring-page-native-american-totem free to print

Beautiful Native American Totem, inspired by Eagle

coloring-page-native-american-tipi-and-symbols free to print

Coloring page with a Tipi and other symbols

coloring-page-native-american-indian-chief-headdress free to print

Coloring page with Native American Indian Chief Headdress and other traditional objects

coloring-page-native-american-abstract-symbols-and-feather free to print

Abstracts symbols linked to Native Americans

coloring-drawing-native-american free to print

Native American Chief with his Headdress full of feathers

coloring-page-native-american-indian-savage-spirit free to print

Savage spirit

coloring-page-adult-draw-native-american-by-valentin free to print

Indian Chief and his horses

coloring-page-adults-native-american-celine free to print

This coloring page show a Native American on his horse.

coloring-page-native-amircan-sabrina free to print

The native americans was impressive, like this coloring page.

coloring-ma-to-toh-pe-or-four-bears free to print

Indian Chief Mato-tope (or Four Bears), by Karl Bodmer (1809-1893) between 1832 and 1834

coloring-simple-native-american-profile free to print

Simple drawing of a Indian Chief (profile view)

coloring-adult-native-american-indian-chief-2 free to print

Coloring picture of a great Indian Chief - 2

coloring-adult-native-indian-american-woman free to print

Drawing of an Native American Woman

coloring-adult-native-american-indian free to print

Coloring picture of a great Indian Chief

coloring-adult-native-americans-indians-sat-front-of-tipi-by-marion-c free to print

Native Americans (Indians) sat in front of a tepee

coloring-adult-native-americans-indians-danse-totem-by-marion-c free to print

Native Americans dancing next to a Totem