Character Coloring Pages for Adults (based on Keywords)

In this tag, you can discover characters who comes from different horizons. Indians, Egyptians and the Japanese.

Then, famous characters as those of Games of Thrones and Indiana Jones.

In character, you find  girls of mangas, but also other people like La Mona Lisa and much more.

Coloring halloween smiling witch and crow by azuzl

Beautiful witch sitting on a pumpkin and talking to a black raven. A simple Halloween coloring page for kids & adults

Coloring page adult urielle sweet contemplation

Sweet Contemplation

Coloring page india by celine

Here is a coloring page with three men of india

Coloring page adults oriental rachel

Here is our Oriental coloring page by Rachel

Coloring page adults japan tiger celine

Here is a coloring page with a tiger by Céline

Coloring page adults japan celine

This is our coloring page with a japan woman by Céline

Coloring manga drawing boy and girl in school suit

Manga drawing : schoolchildren in uniform

Coloring manga dance in costume

Manga drawing representing a young man and a young woman dancing, with princess dress and beautiful drawing

Coloring manga saber warrior girl by krissy

Original Manga coloring page : The saber warrior girl

Coloring adult manga angel by krissy

Manga Angel with beautiful wings

Coloring page manga girl with flowers by flyingpeachbun

Manga Girl with flowers in her hair

Coloring 3 manga characters by rachel

"Bazar" : Original Manga coloring page with 3 funny characters, and little kawaii characters in background

Coloring manga character face by celine

A very simple coloring page of a Manga female character face

Coloring page adults hanuman

This god Hanuman, is a Vanara, a hero able to metamorphose.

Coloring page adult Hanuman chest the Divine Monkey

Hanuman, alias the Divine Monkey, is a Hindu god.

Coloring page adults medusa

Medusa in the greek mytholgy

Coloring page adults hobbit2

a coloring page inspired by The Hobbit, the moment in the mountain

Coloring page adults hobbit1

The hobbit, the moment in the tavern

Coloring page adults Hades

Hades, the hell god and his Cerber

Coloring page adults woman headscarf

a young muslim girl who wears the hijab