Character Coloring Pages for Adults (based on Keywords)

In this tag, you can discover characters who comes from different horizons. Indians, Egyptians and the Japanese.

Then, famous characters as those of Games of Thrones and Indiana Jones.

In character, you find  girls of mangas, but also other people like La Mona Lisa and much more.

Coloring adult Tsukioka Yoshitoshi Minamoto no Tametomo with a Bow

Exclusive coloring page created from a wood painting by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (Japan, 1839 - 1892) : Minamoto no Tametomo with a bow, 1878

Coloring adult india puja rite

Coloring page inspired by the Puja : Hindu religious rite

Coloring ma to toh pe or four bears

Indian Chief Mato-tope (or Four Bears), by Karl Bodmer (1809-1893) between 1832 and 1834

Coloring adult japan geisha with fan by Krystsina Birukova

Geisha with is fan, next to a Cherry Blossom

Coloring adult egypt cleopatra queen by bimdeedee

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt

Coloring venice carnival by marion

"Venice Carnival", exclusive coloring page

Coloring drawing chinese new year doodle

Drawing to color : Chinese New Year

Wall Panel from Iran

Adult coloring page created from a Wall Panel from Iran (1700-1800). Louvre Lens (France).

Coloring japan herborist

The herborist

Coloring page chinese imperial robes

Traditional Mongolian royal fashion (has inspired George Lucas for Padme costume in Star Wars Episode 1 !)

Coloring adult geisha face by mizu

Exclusive coloring page "Geisha Apprentice"

Coloring adult stained glass nave church immaculee conception mangombroux verviers france

Coloring page for adult : Stained glass of the nave of a church in France : "Immaculée conception, at Mangombroux (Verviers)"

Coloring adult sabbats witches

Witches Sabbat drawing ... Really Scary !

Coloring simple native american profile

Simple drawing of a Indian Chief (profile view)

Coloring adult japanese drawing

Japanese drawing

Coloring adult inspired by book tiger devoted by qifeng shen

Coloring page inspired by the book "Tiger devoted" by Qifeng Shen

Coloring adult native american indian

Coloring picture of a great Indian Chief

Coloring adult native americans indians sat front of tipi by marion c

Native Americans (Indians) sat in front of a tepee

Coloring adult native americans indians dance totem by marion c

Native Americans dancing next to a Totem