Character Coloring Pages for Adults (based on Keywords)

In this tag, you can discover characters who comes from different horizons. Indians, Egyptians and the Japanese.

Then, famous characters as those of Games of Thrones and Indiana Jones.

In character, you find  girls of mangas, but also other people like La Mona Lisa and much more.

Coloring odyssee homere

Scene of Homer's Odyssey

Merlin the Magician

Drawing to print & color of the great Merlin

Lovely and refined Geisha

A beautiful Black & White drawing of a japanese with umbrella and évantail

Coloring blacksmith munechika forging_the_blade_ko

Blacksmith Munechika, helped by a fox, forging the blade Ko-Gitsune Maru

Coloring japan traditional makeup

Japanese and their traditional make-up ... It's up to you to chose the colors you want !

Coloring japan sumo kuniyoshi utagawa

A drawing by Kuniyoshi Utagawa , to color for free

Coloring geisha japan to print

A pure and magnificient geisha face, to print directly !

Coloring geisha japan tattoo

A beautiful Geisha in black & white to color for free (ideal for a tattoo)

Coloring adult game of thrones visages

Game of Thrones : Faces

The vampire tasting blood

A vampire in love

Coloring adult transformation loup garou

Tree steps of a werewolf transformation

Coloring adult sabbat sorcieres

Illustration of a witch sabbat

Coloring adult loup garou comics

Drawing of a werewolf transformation

Coloring adult gravure sabbats sorcieres

Witches Sabbat drawing