Moscow Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is a city where history and modernity converge in a compelling tapestry.
The iconic Kremlin, with its fortified walls and towers, stands as a testament to Russia’s storied past, overlooking the historic Red Square and the vibrant St. Basil’s Cathedral. Beyond the historical landmarks, Moscow’s contemporary skyline and bustling streets reflect the city’s dynamic present, offering a fascinating blend of tradition and progress.

Red Square in Moscow, with sky full of stars

Original drawing of Red Square in Moscow, Russia, with a sky full of clouds, snow and cute stars

Christmas in Moscow

Christmas in Moscow" coloring page

Coloring adult Saint Basil cathedral Red Square Moscow

Adult coloring page of the Saint Basil's Cathedral, in Red Square in Moscow. By Sofian

The Cathedral of Vasily the Bless

The splendid and extraordinary cathedral with the multiple colors of Moscow