Vikings Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

The Vikings were seafaring warriors from Scandinavia who lived during the Middle Ages and were known for their impressive shipbuilding skills and exploration of distant lands.

They were fierce and skilled fighters, often raiding coastal villages and engaging in battles with other civilizations. Their distinctive longships allowed them to navigate both rivers and open seas, making them formidable opponents.

The Vikings also had a rich culture and mythology, with gods like Odin and Thor playing significant roles in their belief system. They left a lasting impact on European history, with their adventurous spirit and influence spreading far and wide.

Main gallery :

Odin, principal god of Norse mythology

Odin - illustration de Johannes Gehrts (1855, 1921)

Ragnarok, the Vikings

Ragnarok, Viking doomsday - illustration by Johannes Gehrts (1855, 1921)

Coloring page adult Coloring landscape by valentin

A coloring page with a viking house hidden in the forest