Coloring Pages by Lucie - Page 2

Lucie is currently preparing a diploma in visual communication.

She likes to draw mangas characters, all sort of animals, and ... Pokemons. She also adore to create psychedelic worlds.

Her drawings are always very original and loaded with elegant and complex patterns.

Let’s color her coloring pages …

Dolphin with psychedelic background

Color the many details of the sea in which this elegant dolphin is

Fairy unicorn

Graceful unicorn in the moonlight, surrounded by flowers

Harmonious Jazz Mandala

Melodious Mandala composed of a saxophone, trumpets, a piano and music notes. Do you like Jazz ?

Various flowers with a cute frog

Coloring page with giant sunflowers, butterflies, daisies and tulips surrounding a frog

The power of Mucic and Jazz

Musician playing the saxophone on a stage illuminated by a light projector

Coloring owl dreamcatcher

Owl Dreamcatcher

Coloring bird and zentangle drop

Bird & Zentangle drops

Coloring el dia de los muertos five skulls

Coloring page to celebrate El Día de los muertos, with five skulls

Coloring mandala with 2 owls

Simple Mandala with 2 Owl heads

Coloring street art mix africa aztec

Street art : Mix between Aztec & African Mask

Coloring frog pattern background

Beautiful Frog with background full of complex patterns