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Creating a complex coloring page from an art piece from Iran (18th century)

In this article, I explain you the origin of a new exclusive & very complex coloring page, created from an impressive art piece from Iran (1700-1800).


This art piece is located in the French museum “Louvre Lens”.

In this museum, the main exhibit space is 120 m long and has an area of 3,000 m².

In this exhibit space name “The Gallery of Time” (“La galerie des temps”), art pieces are organized chronologically (Antiquity, Middle Ages, Modern Age).

Each Year, some art pieces return to The Louvre in Paris and are replaced by others.

The Time Gallery - Louvre Lens (France)
The Gallery of Time – Louvre Lens (France)

In this incredible gallery, I discovered this art piece : a wall panel made with ceramic. It comes from Iran (between 1700 and 1800).

It represents “men on the banks of a stream”. The colors and details are incredibles, as you can see by yourself :

Wall panel  : men on the banks of a stream (Ceramic decorated with black and coloured glazes).  Iran 1700-1800. Louvre Lens (France)


With Photoshop and my “magical & secret” filter, I created this image, in black and white :


But as you can see, there were a lot of objects or animals with fuzzy details, or gray areas.

With my graphic tablet (“the Wacom Intuos Digital Pen and Touch Pad”), I improved the illustration, detail by detail.

Working with my graphic tablet
Working with my (wonderful) graphic tablet
BEFORE / AFTER : Improvement of the different objects & characters of the coloring page
BEFORE / AFTER : Improvement of the different objects & characters of the coloring page


It tooks me 10 hours, but I thing the result is good enough to constitute a good coloring page …

The final result
The final result : now you must print it and color it !

Discover and download this coloring page for free in the coloring pages gallery “Oriental” !