Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults

Here are our Halloween coloring pages for adults (or talented kids !).

All these free printables are for you if you like trick-or-treating, house decorating, costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, haunted attractions in parks, watching horror films ...

Like our other coloring pages, our drawings of this theme are from different artists, with different styles (cartoon, zentangle, doodle, mandala ...), and all difficulty levels.

Don't be too scary and prepare your pens and pencils !

Coloring halloween pennywise it

Would you dare to color this horrible Pennywise, the clown from "It" ?

Bat on a skull with candles

Beautiful bat on a skeleton skull, with candles. Each elements are full of maleficent patterns.

Skull and candles

A beautiful Halloween coloring page consisting of a decorated skull surrounded by candles and flowers

Decorated Pumpkin with Autumn leaves

Color this cute Halloween pumpkin, filled with autumn patterns, and surrounded by beautiful leaves

Witch in a Graveyard

This witch turns the skeletons of this cemetery into undead thanks to her evil spells

Ghost in a haunted house

Color this white ghost who is haunting an old mansion

Circular ornament with bats

Circular design perfect for Halloween, with bats interleaved

Beautiful Witch and her Cauldron

This witch is preparing an evil potion in her magic cauldron. His studio is well filled : black cat, spider web, insects and poisons ....

Famille adams 2

The whole Addams Family : Gomez and Morticia Addams, their children Wednesday and Pugsley, Uncle Fester and Grandmama, their butler Lurch, the disembodied hand Thing, and Gomez's Cousin Itt.

Coloring bride of frankenstein

Coloring page inspired by Bride of Frankenstein (1935 American science-fiction horror film)

Coloring corpse bride

Victor and Victoria from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (2005)

Coloring halloween 2018

Exclusive coloring page for Halloween 2018

Coloring halloween skull

Color this scary skull, surrounded by pumpkins, with in background : coffins and bats

Coloring happy witch complex

Witch ready to fly

Maison hantée

Frightening Haunted mansion, with a witch and a zombie

Coloring jack skellington king of halloween town complex

Color Jack Skellington, King of Halloween Town. He's a character and the main protagonist of the 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton.

Coloring pusheen halloween witch

Lovely Pusheen Witch in her mansion, cooking a magic potion for Halloween

Coloring simple happy witch

Witch in flight, with beautiful moon and starry sky in background

Coloring vampire halloween

A vampire with sharp teeth

Witch and cat

A nice witch caressing a cute cat having ventured into the garden of his mansion

Little Witch

Little Witch preparing a magic potion

Coloring halloween haunted mansion

Haunted mansion

Coloring hallowen pumpkins by azyrielle

Halloween Pumpkins

Coloring hallowen pumpkin by azyrielle

Halloween Pumpkin (Zentangle style)

Coloring jigsaw billy the puppet saw

Billy the puppet / Jigsaw, from Saw movies

Coloring frankenstein and rose

Frankenstein monster, with a cute rose

Coloring dracula illustration by gene colan

Dracula illustration

Coloring ca clown pennywise psychedelic background

Pennywise, the maleficent clown from the 2017 movie It (from Stephen King novel) - Psychedelic background

Coloring ca clown pennywise black background

Pennywise, the maleficent clown from the 2017 movie It (from Stephen King novel) - Black background

Coloring adams family

The Addams Family

Horror coloring page michael myers

Classic horror movies coloring pages : Michael Myers (Halloween movies)

Horror coloring page jigsaw billy the puppet

Classic horror movies coloring pages : Billy the Puppet / Jigsaw (Saw movies)

Horror coloring page it clown pennywise

Classic horror movies coloring pages : Pennywise the Dancing clown (Stephen King's 1986 novel It, and movies)

Horror coloring page freddy krueger

Classic horror movies coloring pages : Freddy Kruegger

Horror coloring page chucky

Classic horror movies coloring pages : Chucky

Coloring page halloween chucky warhol style portrait

Andy Warhol style portrait of the scary Chucky doll

Coloring page freddie krueger halloween

A scary coloring page of Freddie Krueger, perfect for Halloween

Coloring adult halloween scary witch in old illustration

Scary old illustration representing a witch

Coloring adult halloween zentangle witch hat

A Zentangle drawing representing a Witch Hat

Coloring adult halloween the nightmare before christmas

The nightmare before Christmas, by Tim Burton ... A coloring page for Halloween

Coloring adult halloween witch and stars

A scary witch ! color all these stars

Coloring adult halloween simple pumkin drawing

Pumpkin Zentangle drawing

Coloring adult halloween mandala wolf head

An Halloween Mandala with a wolf head

Coloring adult halloween haunted little castle

Haunted castle cartoon style

Coloring adult halloween zentangle pumpkin

A Zentangle drawing representing a Pumpkin

Coloring adult halloween zombie girl

The Zombie girl : complex drawing for Halloween

Coloring adult halloween skeleton and brambles

Incredible drawing : Skeleton & Brambles

Coloring adult halloween zentangle owl

Owl drawing : Zentangle style

Coloring adult halloween three pumpkins

Three Pumpkins to print & color ... It's Halloween !

Coloring adult halloween zentangle bat

Boo ! A Zentangle drawing for Halloween with a Bat