Movies Coloring Pages for Adults - Page 4

Here are coloring pages created from famous movie posters or movie scenes, chosen for their complexity and richness in details.
Some are very old (Charlie Chaplin movies), others more recent (Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie, was released in 2014).

For these creations from the 7th art, the choice is between respect of the original style and total digression: psychedelic colors, rainbow, or else!

The Hobbit, the Desolation of Smaug poster

The Hobbit 2nd episod Movie Poster

Coloring movie harry potter 7 2 affiche

Last Harry Potter episode Movie Poster

Coloring movie dark shadows

Dark Shadows Movie poster

Coloring movie charlie et la chocolaterie

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Movie Poster in Black & White

Coloring movie avengers

Coloring picture based on the Avengers Movie poster

Avatar movie poster

James Cameron's Avatar black & white movie poster

Coloring movie alice tim burton

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Movie poster in black & white

Coloring maleficent wings

Maleficent Coloring page : The Wings