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Interview of a coloring page fan

We have make an interview for you of a fan of coloring page.  She is been following us for a long time. Today, we discover her. 


How your passion with the coloring page began ?

I always have love the drawing, I practice it regularly, but one day in a shop, I had leaf through a coloring book published by Hachette, and I had succumb to its charm.

What representing this art for you ?

A time for relaxation, I love make a coloring page and watch a drawing come alive.

Which model of coloring page do you prefer ?

I prefer those on the theme of nature (flowers, trees, animals and insects) and also all those “magical” (fairy, elves,…). Why ? Because I like the colors of the nature who change every season. The magical persons often represent the elements of nature and I love that.

Do you think coloring page help against stress ?

Clearly yes ! When I coloring, I think nothing, just to my coloring page and to the choice of colors. When the coloring page is finish, I am more relaxed.

What is your state of mind during a coloring page ?

Relaxed and more motivate.

coloring page of Laura
coloring page of Laura

There are a changement in your style of life, your behavior or your mood with the coloring page ?

No changement for me, because The coloring page gives me the same benefits that the drawing. I’m been drawing since I’m a little girl . This desire grow with me.

Could you make a definition of the coloring page in one sentence ?

The coloring page is discover the world of art , come out of its shell in front of your work, disconnect and return in childhood.

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