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Just Color ! The new name of your favorite coloring pages website !

Your favorite coloring site adopts a new name and logo! It’s Just Color ( ) ! it was a bit simple as a name for an adult coloring site … After reflection, we chose a new name: Just Color !

Why this name?
  • We regard coloring as a real artistic activity. Just take a look in our “Your Creations” section ! 
    But unlike more complex activities like painting, sculpture or even drawing, coloring is a simple practice, accessible without having attended courses or artistic training.
    Coloring asks you JUST one thing: choose your colors according to your desires, and apply them to the model of your choice !
  • Coloring is considered a real practice of Art Therapy, to the virtues recognized by the specialists: Relaxation, Improvement of the moral, the concentration, the sleep, etc …
    The reason is simple : when you color, you think JUST to your creation ! You forget the worries of everyday life, obligations, work …
  • Just Color is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and soon in many other languages.
    With this new name, we each version of the site will have the same name, and the same address !
Have you noticed it?
Our Facebook page is now the same for all versions of the site! You can exchange with your English, Spanish, Italian and even American neighbors!
Other surprises will arrive in the coming weeks, and of course many exclusive coloring pages, added regularly thanks to our many Partner artists !
Discover all our Coloring pages for Adults ! Thanks to you for making the “Just Color” community grow every day !