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Mandala: a therapeutic tool

A therapeutic tool
A therapeutic tool

We had the pleasure to meet Marie who works as a psychiatric nurse in the West of France.

We wanted to share this interesting interview with you.

She explained us the benefits of colouring on her patients. 


Hello Marie, would you tell us a bit more about your job?

I am a psychiatric nurse. It means I am in charge of patients who are between 18 and 65 years old. Some of them live by themselves but the others are still hospitalized. I work in a day care centre which is a house in the city centre.


Details and concentration
Details and concentration

What are the different pathologies of your patients?

Addictology (tobacco, gambling, alcohol, illicit drugs), psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolarity, and depression are the main pathologies of our patients.




I assume that you always try to diversify the activities you propose to them. Would you tell us about that?

Realisation of manual activities
Realisation of manual activities

We offer them cultural activities such as exhibitions, going to the cinema or to the library. We also do manual, sporting, and audio-visual activities. Workshops of singing and therapeutic cooking are often planned as well. All these activities vary according to seasonality.



How colouring occurs during your activities? What is its role in your patients’ healthcare?

Mandala realised by Domandala who is an amateur artist and an enthusiastic user of the website.
Mandala realised by Domandala who is an amateur artist and an enthusiastic user of the website.

Colouring has a role in channelling their activity. It is not one of our main activities.

For example, if the patient stops doing the current activity we have organised, he takes back his colouring page that he later started. It is a work done in several sequences.

If the colouring page is not finished, we keep it at the care centre. Once finalized, the patients sometimes need the feel to frame and hang it.

Over time, we notice an evolution in the patients’ works. The colours are more adapted, the colourings become more regular and precise. They realize them with more details and concentration.


Total freedom and imagination!
Total freedom and imagination!


What type of colouring do your patients generally appreciate most?

The Mandalas! They are within everyone’s reach. There is no colour code to respect so they colour them with a total freedom and imagination.

Everybody is interest in this activity, both men and women!


Thanks a lot for this interview Marie! It was a pleasure to meet you and to learn more about the colouring’s benefits in a medical environment 🙂


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