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Embark on an incredible safari : new animal coloring pages galleries features new exclusive coloring pages of animals distributed among various galleries !

The “Animals” gallery has been reorganized to make it easier for you to find contents. No need to browse dozens of pages looking for the coloring page of the animal you want. Since February, the gallery of animals previously containing around fifty coloring pages, has been divided into thirty sub categories arranged in alphabetical order.


Each sub categories represents an animal.

You will find not only wild animals but also domestic and farm animals : cats, dogs, lions, wolves, camels, turtles, fishes, elephants, dolphins, deers, pigs, snakes


And the good news is that content has been added in each sub-category. Our partner artists as well as international professional artists have created many animal coloring pages for you! So, for some animals you can find more than thirty coloring pages each more inspiring than the next. 













Good coloring to all and do not hesitate to post your creations, it would be too bad that your coloring pages go unnoticed…

Don’t wait to discover our Animal Coloring pages !