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A new artist has joined us

Deborah Muller is now one of our featured artists. Her artistic universe has charmed us and you will love coloring her various réalisations. An advice? Get your creativity and your precision prepared…

In order to introduce properly herself to you, we were quite curious!

Do not wait any longer and discover a part of her artist life 🙂





Hi Deborah, it is nice to meet you! You are welcome among our featured artists. Would you tell us a bit about your background, please?

Hi! Nice to meet you too 🙂 I have a degree in fashion design, I love to draw clothes! I am currently getting my masters in theology to be able to prove my husband wrong on occasion. He is a pastor (laughs)! I have been a full time artist for over thirty years. I have also traveled extensively and painted murals in US and in India.



Apart from drawing, what are your hobbies?

My hobbies are shell collecting, sewing, quilting and boating. I live on a boat in Florida Keys with my husband and our Doodle dog Marley.


Your drawings are wonderful… How do you get inspired?

My studio is a tiny bedroom with a porthole but I draw and paint everyday while enjoying the view and beauty of the sea from the bridge of the boat. You learn to go with the rocking and movement.


Have you any potential future projects?

I have 14 books in stores and am continuing this next year with more published books and self published books too.

I love mermaids and have a series of mermaid coloring books out now with more coming like “Mermaid Circus” and “Alice in Waterland”.

My Etsy shop is the Chubby Mermaid, chubby is in! A Publisher just picked up my Mer-kitties or Cats as Mermaids to be released next summer.


Thank you a lot for all these information and congratulations! Would you add something?

Life is a journey and I try to live each day grateful and blessed. Creating Coloring books has been such a wonderful gift and I love creating them… I have no plans to ever stop 🙂


Discover Deborah Muller’s gallery by clicking below on the picture or here !