Paul Elie Ranson Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Paul Elie Ranson was an early 20th century French artist known for his neo-impressionist style. He studied at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and was influenced by the artists of the Pont-Aven school, such as Paul Gauguin and Émile Bernard.

Ranson was a founding member of the Nabis school, a group of artists who focused on using color to create moods and sensations rather than faithfully reproducing reality. He was also a highly respected teacher, heading the Ranson Academy in Paris.

He was known for his paintings of scenes of daily life, often inspired by the French countryside and scenes of family life. His works are characterized by soft forms and bright, vivid colors, creating a peaceful, idyllic atmosphere.

Main gallery :

Paul Élie Ranson   Three women under the blossoming trees

Coloring created from the painting "Trois femmes sous les arbres en fleur (étude pour 'Printemps')" by Paul-Élie Ranson (1895)

Paul Élie Ranson   Princesses on the Terrace

Coloring based on 'Les Princesses à la Terasse' by Paul-Élie Ranson (1894)

Paul Élie Ranson   Tiger in the jungles (version 2)

Coloring based on 'Tigre dans les jungles' by Paul-Élie Ranson (1883) - Version 2 (complex)

Paul Élie Ranson   Tiger in the Jungle (version 1)

Coloring page created from Paul-Élie Ranson's artwork 'Tiger in the Jungle' (1883) - Version 1 (simple)