Salvador dali Coloring Pages for Adults (based on Keywords)

The Spanish painter Salvador Dalí (1904, 1989) is one of the most controversial and paradoxical artists of the twentieth century, and the most prominent representative of the Surrealist movement.

He evoked his dreams and hallucinations in unforgettable images … Here are some coloring pages inspired by the some incredible masterpieces by Salvador Dalí.

Salvador Dali : I am not strange, I am just not normal

Coloring page of Salvador Dalí portrait with his famous quote : " I am not strange, I am just not normal"

Coloring dali gala and the tiger

Coloring page inspired by a master piece by Salvador Dalí : Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate

Coloring Salvador for valentin

Coloring page inspired by the painting The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Salvador Dali