Coloring Pages by Allan - Page 2

Allan is 17 years old, he's passionate by art.

He has been interested by drawing since he's 6 years old.
Every night, he draw in his bedroom with a pen, headphones on.

Today, the "weapon" of Allan is his computer. He makes his illustrations with it because it's for him "more realistic".

When Allan isn't with his pens, it's for take his guitar and play metal music with his band.

Coloring page adults thumbelina

Do you know the tale of Anderson "Poucette" ?

Coloring page adults frozen

Here is a coloring page on the original tale of Andersen "Frozen".

Coloring page adult star wars luke darth vader fight by allan

Coloring Page inspired by the cult movie : Star Wars featuring a fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader In the background, the friends of the fighter appears in their thoughts

Coloring page adult bb8 r2d2 by allan

Coloring page inspired by Star Wars featuring BB8 and R2D2

Coloring page adult zombies twd lucille by allan

Coloring page inspired by The Walking Dead's world also with the Negan's baseball bat : "Lucille"

Coloring page adult psychedelic by allan

Color this psychedelic Owl !

Ganesh Allan

Ganesh, The god of wisdom and intelligence.


Coloring page inspired by Aquaman (DC Comics character)

Coloring page adult Hanuman chest the Divine Monkey

Hanuman, alias the Divine Monkey, is a Hindu god.


Coloring page inspired by The Batman (DC Comics character)

Coloring page adults hanuman

This god Hanuman, is a Vanara, a hero able to metamorphose.

Traditional Dreamcatcher tattoo

Traditional Dreamcatcher tattoo, with two beautiful Mandalas


Coloring page inspired by Cyborg (DC Comics character)


Coloring page inspired by Superman (DC Comics character)

Coloring page adult burger pop by allan

Coloring page of a hamburger ... Without meat ?

Wonder Woman

Coloring page inspired by Wonder Woman (DC Comics character)

Coloring page adults mandala artdeco

Reproduction of a stained glass see in the street

Coloring page adult easter egg muffin by allan.

Coloring page of a muffin in the theme of easter with the traditional chocolate eggs in the background !


Coloring page inspired by Flash (DC Comics character)

Coloring page adults snow white allan

Here is Snow White, the famous tale of Grimm... and revisited by Disney.