Coloring Pages by Valentin - Page 5

Valentin is a student in arts college. He's a passionate by drawing all kind of worlds and creatures, inspired by his own incredible imagination ...
He was the one of our interns and he has realized many coloring page on the "Myth & legends" topic.

He has discovered his passion thanks to cartoons like Asterix and Obelix. His dream is to become illustrator for cartoons, or video games.

Waiting to realize his goal in life, he practices his other passions, like skate-boarding and play the drums.

Coloring page adults pinocchio

Pinocchio in the stomach of the whale

Coloring page adults little mermaid

The great change for The Little Mermaid

Coloring page adults jack beanstalk

In the Grimm tale, this is jack and the Beanstalk.

Coloring page adults satyr

a coloring page with a satyr

Coloring page adults medusa

Medusa in the greek mytholgy

Coloring page adults hobbit2

a coloring page inspired by The Hobbit, the moment in the mountain

Coloring page adults hobbit1

The hobbit, the moment in the tavern

Coloring page adults Hades

Hades, the hell god and his Cerber

Coloring page adults animals bird valentin

This bird have a particular thing no ?

Coloring page adults animals panda valentin

Our wonderful panda with its original style !