Zen and Anti stress Coloring Pages for Adults

Total relaxation with these complex Zen and anti-stress Coloring pages for adults.

Inspired by nature or completely surreal, these drawings differ from mandalas because they are not concentrated on a single point. It is often repeated patterns, coloring style known for its soothing properties.
Search the overall harmony of your coloring rather than focusing on each element individually, try to balance the colors so that they are a reflection of your emotions of the moment.

Now choose which Anti-stress but difficult Adult coloring page you want to color. You can also explore our Zentangle adult coloring pages.

Woman practicing yoga with her cat

Woman practicing yoga with her cat, a tree grows behind her

Against COVID 19 : Stay home, to stay safe

Stay home. It's the best weapon we have to fight COVID-19 !

Elf woman with flowered hair

Beautiful fantasy elf woman with hypnotic gaze, with hair full of flowers

Kiosk in cute public garden

Escape to this pretty public garden and its gazebo from another time

Mix between Mandalas & Dreamcatcher

Adult coloring pages can be therapeutic, relaxing, calming, problem solving, and organizational. Here is a good example.

Flamenco in Spain

Flamenco, whose roots are Andalusian, is a passionate dance that involves a lot of improvisation. Color this beautiful coloring page with music !

Yin & Yang Flower

Relax yourself with this coloring page of a strange flower containing a Yin & Yang symbol in its middle

Heart with pretty curved lines

Color this heart created with intertwined lines


"Enfantasia" : cute and mysterious little girl to color

Cocktails on the beach

Do you want to drink these cocktails on the beach ?

Flamenco dancer shape with patterns

Beautiful female flamenco dancer shape with Zentangle and paisley patterns


"Hiwaga" woman

Imahinasyon   3

"Imahinasyon" woman : Third character

Imahinasyon   2

"Imahinasyon" woman : Second character

Imahinasyon   1

"Imahinasyon" woman : First character

Rocket in the space

This rocket travels the interstellar space of the galaxy. Color the planets, meteorites, shuttles and stars she meets on her course.

Space girl

Woman with planets around her

Coloring whimsical background

Original Design with beautiful flowers and abstract shapes intertwined

Coloring peace symbols

Find inner peace with this coloring page featuring various Zen symbols, including the "Om". "Om" is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism, that signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness or Atman. It is a syllable that is chanted either independently or before a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Coloring girl dream space travel

Girl dreaming of a journey in space with her cat. Through the porthole of her shuttle, she sees : a rocket, the moon, the Earth, an asteroid, Saturn, an Astronaut, and pretty bright stars