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Colorzen : A new form of coloring pages

We have presented you recently this new exclusive gallery: The Colorzen!

It’s impossible to find elsewhere this kind of coloring pages ! Why? For the simple reason that it’s a new concept, adapted for the adults coloring pages by Leen Margot!

Leen Margot


Do you want to have a relaxing moment? With Colorzen, you will use your pencils without reflect. If the choice of colors can be complicated, with that, all the coloring will be easy!



During one of her creations made ​​with felt pens, Leen Margot thought this phenomenon will be pleasant for some fans. And for the beginner, it’s the opportunity to start the coloring page.


We present you the first models in our gallery.

Other coloring pages are coming, with some more complicated.

A clue: Leen Margot told us that She imagine the next coloring pages with a color chart and gradations of colors.


Convinced? We wait your coloring pages !