Leen Margot presents her new book



Following the release of the new book of Leen Margot ‘Gribouillages au fil des pages’, we have interviewed the artist

Discover all the secrets of her new book.




What are the differences between this book and your other ones ?

This book allows beginner and experienced creators to express their creativity throughout the pages. The book exists in two formats, classic and ‘pocket’, which you can put in your handbag and bring where you want to spend the time faster, in a waiting room for exemple, or even to enjoy on the beach.

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What is Art Brut ?

Art Brut realisations are made by self-taught designers. Alone, they create without being concerned either with the criticism of the public or with the gaze of others.

Without the need to be recognized as artists, they conceive their own universe. Their works are unaffected by influences from artistic tradition. 

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