New Contest “The big cake” ! Coloring books to win !

FACEBOOK CONTEST : Color this exclusive coloring page of big cake, post it in comment on Our Facebook page… and win the Coloring book”100 Cup Cakes to color” !!

2 winners : by random draw, and number of likes/comments


Rules :
– Coloring page to color :
– Winners :
>>> 1 : a coloring chosen by random draw
>>> 2 : the coloring with the most of likes and comments (sum of the two)
– End of the contest : 25 September 23h59 GMT
– Prize : The book “100 Cup Cakes to color” :

Discover … Coloring Book Corruptions

Do you know what is Coloring Book Corruption ? 


I recently discovered that one of the most frequently searched terms around coloring was “coloring corruptions” … An exemple and you will undestrand what is it …

Example of coloring book corruption, with Pumbaa and Timon
Example of coloring book corruption, with Pumbaa and Timon

When funny, dark and humorous adults garble, corrupt, pervert coloring pages full of childhood characters, it often revolves around themes such as violence … ! Not surprising.

By searching on Google, you will easily find images made by amazing artists with freaky colored illustrations …

Discover some of these illustrations totally reworked in this video :



If you want more, here is a selection of Links with even more contents, on some of the most famous “buzz” websites :

A coloring of the new Star Wars robot BB8 !

Here is a coloring of BB8 (BB-8), a new robot that will be appearing in Star Wars Episode 7, The Force awakens, to help the famous R2D2 and C3PO.

I made this drawing of BB8 half with computer (Photoshop) and half by drawing, from a promo picture. Here are pictures of the “making of” :



So it is not an official Disney / Lucasfilm coloring, but an original work (so not necessarily perfect, thank you for your indulgence :)).

Until the release of this highly anticipated film,you can color this cute robot droid all round in two versions, avaiable on and :

coloriage-bb-8-star-wars-7-reveil-de-la-force-robot-bb8 coloriage-adulte-bb-8-star-wars-7-reveil-de-la-force

Do you know that this robot really works ? Indeed BB-8 is not a virtual character as the quickly forgotten Jar Jar Binks.

Director of Star Wars The Force awekens JJ Abrams insisted that this robot was made of flesh and blood (rather metal and bolts) for several scenes of the film.

A new coloring inspired by a oil painting by Paul Cezanne : “Gardanne”

A new original coloring has been uploaded in the section “Architecture”.


It’s inspired by this magnificient oil painting by Paul Cezanne, painted in 1886 and exposed at the Brooklyn museum in New York. It reprensents a French village named Gardanne (in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur)



20 years ago, I did a watercolor inspired by this masterpiece, that I had accidentally discovered in a library :

 1996-04 Gardanne (d'après Cézanne)


And so, few days ago, I managed to make a coloring with this old watercolor I did in my youth. Here are the main steps of my work :


As I took pictures of my drawing at each steps, you can chose the version you want ! Just click on the picture you prefer, to download for free the file and print it.



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Discover the Zen Tangle with Cathy M drawings !

We are pleased to welcome to the site a new partner artist, this is Cathy M.
Her specialty? Zen Tangle! This is a design technique based on doodling,  pretty abstract at first sight. But Cathy adds his personal touch by including messages, drawings … and the result is just unique!

If you understand French, this is an interview of Cathy for the website

With Cathy’s agreement, we adapted his works at coloring, passing the 100% Black & White, and increasing the contrast.
The coloring in question are distributed in galleries Zen & Anti-stress, Flowers & vegetation and China.
Examples of coloring created from Cathy M works
Examples of coloring created from Cathy M works

These coloring pages will please you undoubtedly, we are waiting for your comments on our Facebook page  !

If you want to know more about Cathy M and her work :
And so, go in the sections Zen & Anti-stress, Flowers & vegetation and China to download and print for free these new exclusive coloring pages !
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“Coloring for Grown-ups: The Adult Activity Book” by Ryan Hunter & Taige Jensen

“Coloring for Grown-ups: The Adult Activity Book” by Ryan Hunter & Taige Jensen is for sure the most original coloring book for adults ….

Very far from the typical coloring books (Zen, Anti-stress, animals, flowers …) these drawing represent some situations of the REAL life.

The topics that you could find in the works of Ryan Hunter  & Taige Jensen are : unemployment, sexual problemes, extremism, dependencies, etc … Very funny isn’t it ?
But it’s up to you to chose the colors … if you think the situation is funny or sad …

You will even color “magical coloring pages”, like in the example below :


It’s also a very good and original gift idea ! For adults for sure… Or people who enter in the adult age, to prepare themseleves to all the “joys” they will certain find in their future years !

In a HuffingtonPost article, authors says :

“It’s the type of coloring book you might leave on a coffee table for a hungover house guest to flip through after waking up from a night of questionable decision-making. You might scribble in it during your woefully short lunch break, or tear out a page and leave it as a surprise on the refrigerator of your least-hated friend. It’s for entertaining yourself while you wait for an overpaid medical professional to administer your basic human right to health care, or for distracting yourself within the confines of even the filthiest public restroom.”

You can find this book and others on Amazon, and other bookstores …


If you want to understand why they have imagine this book, look at this video …

If you want more typical coloring pages, you will find it on our website, just chose the gallery you wan’t to explore.

The best Coloring Books for adults (for us)

Since some years, plenty of Coloring books for adults have appeared in bookstores (virtual or real).


Everyone who want to color can now buy high quality coloring books, with different difficulty levels, and various themes.
These books can be purchased online or offline.

Be careful, sometimes the print zone is too close from the folding of the books, so it can be difficult to color some zones… And if you wan to cut up your works, you may tear a part of it !

For us, the best coloring book especially destinated to adults are the followings :

BUT if you want free content (to download and/or print), don’t hesitate to explore our website ! we propose hundred of great drawings to color, with numerous themes. Juste chose :

If there are themes that you think we should add, don’t hesitate to tell us : our Facebook page 

What are the benefits of coloring for adults ?

Do you know what are the benefits of coloring for adults ?
First of all, when you practice this activity, after several minutes, you only think about what you are doing, about what you are coloring … What color chose for this detail, which zone color next …
So, your mind can escape, you can forget for a instant (short or long …) your problems, little or big.
Ready to color ?
Ready to color ?
Thus, Coloring is the perfect Anti-stress & relaxing spare-time … You can be young or older, man or woman, unemployed or in professional activity … you will enjoy this activity and at the end you will be Zen !
In our site, most of the galleries contain coloring pages well indicated for relaxing.
All our content is free to print or download … And we have very easy to very hard coloring pages !
Here is a little selection :
In the main page, or via the menu, you will  be able to access to all the galleries.
We wish you good and relaxing moments.
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