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Happy New year !

We wish you a Happy New year, full of joy and success. We hope that our coloring pages will help you to cross this new year with even more wellness. We offer you this exclusive coloring page created by Leen Margot, to celebrate this new year : 2016 !

Adult Coloring Books : An amazing Success Story

Have you noticed ? Few years ago, in bookstores, you found few coloring books dedicated to adults … hidden in the aisles “creative hobbies”.
This type of activity was dedicated to children …

“In the years 2005-2010, when I wanted to color, I had to find coloring books for child with complex drawings ! For example, I remember of buying ‘Disney’s Princess & the frog coloring book’, there was some drawings with more details and complexity than others …” Meryl G on Facebook
Now, you can find hundreds of coloring books for grown-ups, in store aisles totally aimed to this type of book ! Adults are rediscovering that this hobby (that remind them their childhood) can provide them a lot of benefits : joy, quiet, relaxation …
Coloring books in a store
In this page, we present you the history of this type of book, we explain why it’s such a huge success worldwide since few years, and we advise you the best books to buy (for beginners and experienced) !

Our new adult coloring pages gallery “Native Americans (Indians)”

We have recently opened a new complex coloring pages gallery name “Native (Indian) Americans”. This term refers to the people who lived in Norh America continent before Extensive European colonization, that began with Christopher Colombus expedition in 1492. We also use the terms “American Indians”, “Amerindians” … Not to confound with Indians (in fact you know …
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