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Discover Mimieve’s fantastic world

Marie-eve Klein, or “Mimieve” is now one of the partner artists !
This Belgian self-taught designer will seduce you with her fantastic and childish world.
She’s also a designer in the collective Global Doodle Gems and the author of the book entitled Dreamlike Journey” released in 2017 and available in English and French.
To present you in more details this new artist, we asked her some questions … Mimieve tells us about her :

Where does this passion for drawing comes from and since when do you draw ?

I always admired and envied people who had the ability to draw.
Creating characters, sets, a world through the drawing fascinated me. Nevertheless, I didn’t know how to draw correctly and didn’t know me enough to enter in my internal world.


Did you take drawing class ?

I draw since 3-5 years but I’m totally self-taught. I had discovered coloring for adults and I started to color some drawings from different books. Through some drawings, I discovered the art of zentangle and the simplicity of the lines that join one another to give form, this drawing caught me.  I told myself : Maybe it’s quite simple so that I could finally draw something !!!!

So, I started, then little by little I drew abstract shapes, and I started farther and farther. I discovered that I finally managed to fill a sheet of lines that in the end created something nice and could be colored. I proposed some drawings on coloring for adults groups and I had good feedback.

So I continued and over time my drawings evolved and became more representative allowing me to create a world, my world ! My drawings have pleased, some have been colored, others have been published. I think I still can’t believe that I can draw too ! So, a little advice for those who want to dray : Go ahead your fears, try and you’ll succeed.


Where do you get all this imagination ?

I believe that everyone has an imaginary internal world that lives by dreams and by the little child that we have been and always are. Some elements that I see in life, in my dreams, in my thoughts, stay there asleep, transform and appear as an idea, a vision that is transposed on paper in drawing.


What other types of Art do you like?

I have always loved tissues, living things. Everything about these elements attracts me. The world is vast !!!!!!

Thank you a lot for all these information, we are delighted that you are now one of our partner artists !


You can follow her more intensely by visiting her Facebook page : Les traits’ors de Mimiev and find all her creations on her artist page.