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New Contest : Maneki neko


New Week, new theme, new contest !

Do you know Maneki Neko ?

This Japanese statue of the small cat raising the left hand brings the fortune at the storekeepers which places it in the entrance entry or near to their cash register.







This week we launch a contest between our partner artists who realized each of them beautiful Maneki Neko!

You also can find all our coloring pages of Maneki neko just here.

We let you discover what our patner artists Lucie, Axelle and Caillou made :







Today, it’s upt to you to choose which one is the most beautiful! You have to choose small emoji Like associated with each artist on the main post which you find on our Facebook page.

Thanks to you the one who will get more emoji Like will win a little present from us!


How to play ?

Go on our Facebook Page Just Color :


You will find then the comment below, it’s up to you to choose the emoji associated with the artist to vote:


If you are on your computer, make your cursor navigate up to the button ” Like ” of the post, then you will appear the emoji Like. You have that to choose what you want to put and click above.

If you are on your mobile, you just have to maintain the button ” Like ” of the publication to see appearing emoji Like, while maintaining your finger on the button ” Like ”  slide it on the emoji Like of your choice.






Watch out some of Like will not be taken!

Only emoji Like on the main post as the over post will be taken!

But you can eventually write a sweet and kind word in comment 😉







You have until June 28th to vote! Go, Started!

And we encourage our partner artists!

And do not hesitate to Like and share the post! Thank you for your participation.