Mandalas Coloring Pages for Adults

Here are Difficult Mandalas Coloring pages for adults to print for free.
Mandala is a Sanskrit word which means a circle, and metaphorically a universe, environment or community.

For centuries, in many cultures (eg Tibet), the Mandala is used as a tool to facilitate meditation. Those suggested here are of various styles and levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to complex !

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Beautiful peacock

Mandala with a gorgeous peacock surrounded by seamless patterns

Sun & Moon Mandala

A beautiful mandala to color with in the center the sun, and in each ends : moons

Calming & relaxing Mandala

Calming sensory relaxing Mandala with soothing details

Abstract Mandala

Relaxing mandala with abstract patterns

Mandala with little angels

Mandala with four little angel heads

Angel and Demon Mandala

Soothing mandala featuring two young girls : an angel and a demon.

Mandala with leavers

Mandala with dark areas to allow you to highlight your colors

A Mandala to celebrate Mother's day

Let's honor mothers in this very special Mandala

Mandala inspired by Chinese graphic style

Original Mandala inspired by traditional patterns

Mandala Yin & Yang et feuilles

Joli Mandala avec un symbole Yin & Yang au milieu, et de jolies feuilles l'entourant

Fine and elegant Mandala

Fine and elegant mandala, by Heather Hinson

Autumn Mandala

Autumn Mandala, by Heather Hinson

Web of the correspondence

Get into this beautiful web to enjoy it!

The wheel of cosmic truth

This wheel is on the way to relaxation...

Song of the spheres

The echo of those spheres resounds in the heart of this mandala.

Simple transcendence

With all his rounded, this mandala is absolutely transcendent!

Principles of organisation

Thanks to an amazing organisation, everything fits together in this mandala!

Primal energy

The 6 outer petals will give you strength!

Potential of consciousness

Let go and enjoy this beautiful mandala !

Peaceful unity

This mandala is a perfect representation of respect and unity!

Mysteries of life

All of those details are creating a total mystery.

Infinity of time

Let this mandala rotate and it will continue over and over.

Illusion of linear

Here is a perfect match between rounded and linear! Enjoy!

Entropy of matter

Created like lace, this mandala is a real sweetness.

Elemental forces

The alliance of rounded and spades gives a real strength to this mandala.

Compass of the path

Color this mandala to time travel with it!

Mandala with Giraffe

A beautiful Mandala with a giraffe head in its center ... and lovely leaves and other patterns to color.

Tutankhamun Mandala

Mandala with various symbols of Egypt, including the mask of Tutankhamun. He was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty during the period of Egyptian

Mandala Pyramide

A beautiful Mandala with pyramids in ends full of nice patterns to color.

Mandala with peace symbols

Mandala with various symbols : Om, Yin and Yang ... A coloring page full a peace

The big flower

Cool Mandala with 8 big petals and vegetal patterns

Geometric circles

Circles forming beautiful rosaces in a simple Mandala

Om symbol in a complex Mandala

Om, also written as 'Aum', is the most sacred syllable, symbol, or mantra in Hinduism.

Simple Mandala with Yin & Yang symbol

Yin & Yang is an ancient Chinese symbol which represents dual nature of things like light and dark, good and evil, positive and negative.

Mandala with petals

A beautiful Mandala with petals on several levels, and circles at the ends.

Soothing Mandala with harmonious patterns

A Mandala coloring page with a lot of details, very unique, perfect if you like cool and relaxing coloring pages.

Complex Mandala with flowers

A Mandala quite difficult to color, perfect if you like to color small areas, and if you like various details, and for this one beautiful flowers.

Simple Floral Mandala

If you like to express your creativity, this Mandala is perfect for you.

Awesome hand drawn Mandala

For this cool hand drawn Mandala, you can use few or many colors, it's like you prefer. You must clear your mind and allow yourself to forget all your worries and responsibilities.

Calming Mandala

If you are ready to spend some minutes of relaxation, get ready to color this complex and really hypnotic Mandala ...