Return to childhood Coloring Pages for Adults

With the coloring pages that follow, we offer you a return to childhood !

Indeed, we selected visual form Disney movies, 80s TV series, child books ... you certainly know most of these characters ! But beware, all these images contain a lot of detail ... So, the task will be arduous, but it will give you the real pleasure of coloring.

Why not work on these coloring pages with your children or grandchildren !? And if you want real coloring pages for kids, very easy to color, discover our website Just Color Kids !

Coloring with the characters of Super Mario Bros

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi et Toad à colorier

Bear singing in the forest

A childish but detailed coloring page with bears singing in a pretty forest


A pretty little shy bear

Young Cow boy in Far West

Color this Cowboy on his horse, with a background inspired by Westerns and Far West !

Finding Wonderland

"Finding Wonderland" : Gorgeous coloring pages with a happy Princess and various Doodle characters (Kawaii style)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Four different versions of one of the most famous video games characters, created in the 90's : Sonic the Hedgehog

Disney universe

Various symbols from the great Disney & Pixar Classics, integrated into a giant Mickey's head

Alice in wonderland   easier version

Immerse yourself in the heart of wonderland with the young Alice, the white rabbit and the Cheshire cat (easier version)

Alice in wonderland 1

Immerse yourself in the heart of wonderland with the young Alice, the white rabbit and the Cheshire cat

Flutter bunnies

Those cute bunnies will show you how to fly like a dragonfly if you color them !

Umbrella girl

Rainy day ? Come under her umbrella to color this beautiful lady!

Tea girl

Cup of tea is the new bath! Come and try!

Scottish elf princess

This elf princess will shows you her kingdom if you color her !

Popcorn girl

What about a popcorn bath ? It says that it's good for the skin! Color and try!

Hydrangea fairy

Get into this hydrangea to discover the magic !

Hot cocoa

What can be better than a hot chocolate ? A hot chocolat bath!

The girl who reads

Color it in quietly so you don't disturb that girl reading!

Day and night

Night style vs day style, color both to see which one you prefer!


This cute girl winks you to make you want to color her!

Cherry blossom fairy

Follow this beautiful fairy on her cherry tree! You're gonna love it!