Japan Coloring Pages for Adults - Page 2

Here are some Adult coloring pages related to Japan : a country also called the Land of the Rising Sun.
In Japan, the highest technologies cohabit with the brightest culture and rituals.

You will find in this page images to print and color of Samurai, Sumos, Geishas ... But also coloring pages created from photographs of Tokyo or representing beautiful temples.

Coloring adult japan geisha with fan by Krystsina Birukova

Geisha with is fan, next to a Cherry Blossom

Coloring japan herborist

The herborist

Coloring adult geisha face by mizu

Exclusive coloring page "Geisha Apprentice"

Coloring adult japanese drawing

Japanese drawing

Coloring japanese hand fan

Japanese hand fan

Coloring little japanese child style drawing

Little japanese child style drawing

Coloring life in japan tradition

Life in japan tradition

Coloring japanese woman with hat

Japanese Elegant woman with hat

Coloring japanese elegant woman

Japanese Elegant woman

Coloring japanese woman traditional dress

Japanese traditional woman

Coloring cherry blossom

Cherry blossom tree

Lovely and refined Geisha

A beautiful Black & White drawing of a japanese with umbrella and évantail

Tokyo in the rain

A difficult coloring page with the capital of Japan : Tokyo

Coloring blacksmith munechika forging_the_blade_ko

Blacksmith Munechika, helped by a fox, forging the blade Ko-Gitsune Maru

Coloring to print tokyo

The streets of Tokyo ... Only the colors are missing !

Coloring temple of the cherry blossom season japan 2

Another view of this ancient temple ...

Coloring temple of the cherry blossom season japan

A Japanese temple, in the Cherry Blossom season

Coloring japan traditional makeup

Japanese and their traditional make-up ... It's up to you to chose the colors you want !

Coloring japan tokyo city

A very dark Coloring page of Tokyo City