Japan Coloring Pages for Adults - Page 4

Here are some adult coloring pages related to Japan : a country also called the land of the rising sun.
In Japan, the highest technologies coexist with the brightest culture and rituals.

On this page you will find pictures to print and color of samurai, sumos, geishas ... But also coloring pages created from photographs of Tokyo or depicting beautiful temples.

Coloring japan traditional makeup

Japanese and their traditional make-up ... It's up to you to chose the colors you want !

Coloring japan tokyo city

A very dark Coloring page of Tokyo City

Coloring japan sumo kuniyoshi utagawa

A drawing by Kuniyoshi Utagawa , to color for free

Coloring great wave kanagawa

Coloring for adult : The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Coloring geisha japan to print

A pure and magnificient geisha face, to print directly !

Coloring geisha japan tattoo

A beautiful Geisha in black & white to color for free (ideal for a tattoo)