Christmas Coloring Pages for Adults

These Christmas coloring pages are dedicated to adults ... or kids very talented and patient.
You will find drawings representing Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Ornaments, bells, wreath ... drawn with different styles and difficulty levels.
Different artists have contributed to this special page.

Some of our free coloring pages have been drawn like Doodles, or with Zentangle style ! You will even find Christmas Mandalas to print & color ... You can use all these printables as greeting cards !

If you want Christmas coloring pages for kids, it's on this page.

Coloring christmas girl manga style

Christmas girl, Manga style coloring page

Angel in the middle of Snow flakes

Color this incredible circular drawing with an angel surrounded by plenty of snowflakes

Santa Claus with his Christmas bag

A snowman and Santa Claus, ready to deliver his gifts in this beautiful house

Santa Claus and his reindeer sled

Drawing with Santa Claus and his reindeer sled in front of a beautiful house, with a sky full of snow

Deer with Flower patterns

Magnificent Deer drawn with elements inspired by nature : flowers, leaves, tree branches ...

Christmas gifts in a car

Add some colors to these gifts that fill this little car driven by a snowman

The Grinch

Celebrate Christmas with The Grinch ! He has a small gift for you ...

Coloring christmas candles and balls

Color these cute Candles and Christmas tree balls. These ornaments, once colored, will bring the magic of Christmas at your home !

Coloring christmas cat with gifts long version without text

A Cat ready for Christmas time, with beautiful ornaments around, and complex patterns

Coloring christmas cat with gifts long version

This lovely cat wears a beautiful Santa Claus hat. The text 'Merry Christmas' can be colored

Coloring christmas cat with gifts

A squared coloring page with a cute Christmas cat, full of elegant paterns. The text 'Merry Christmas' can be colored, and also all the leaves, gifts and ornaments.

Coloring christmas gloves and socks

Winter knitted mittens, and in background : Socks reader for gifts brought by Santa Claus

Coloring christmas owl on a branch with text

Cute owl on a branch of a Christmas tree, with Stars in background, and text

Coloring christmas owl on a branch without text

Cute owl on a branch of a Christmas tree, with Stars in background

Coloring christmas owl on moon

Color this Cartoon Owl with glasses and Santa Claus hat, sitting on a half moon, with beautiful winter clouds and stars

Coloring christmas santa claus with gloves and moon

Happy Santa with knitted mittens. You can also color this beautiful moon and stars in background

Coloring christmas santa claus with gloves

Color this smiling and happy Santa Claus with knitted mittens, with patterns designed in Zentangle style

Coloring christmas socks 1

Cute Christmas socks with various and happy designs

Coloring christmas socks 2

Color these cute Christmas socks with cool patterns and designs inside

Coloring christmas sphynx cat with gifts without text

This Sphynx cat is starring at you with his piercing eyes. You can color all the Christmas gifts behind him

Coloring christmas sphynx cat with gifts

A cute Sphynx cat, with the text 'Merry Christmas', and a lot of ornaments, gifts and details to color

Cartoon doodles : Winter is here

Color this beautiful doodles with various objects linked to winter : snowman, scarf, skis, toboggan ...

Doodl Christmas wreath

Christmas round frame in doodle style, with the text "Merry Christmas" in the middle. Candles, gifts, pine apples, bells ... Various famous Christmas symbols are here

Merry christmas doodles with text

Winter Cartoon vector doodles - square frame design, with the text "Merry Christmas !" in the middle.

Coloring merry christmas doodles

Various objects linked to celebrate the magic of Christmas, in an incredible coloring page !

Pusheen de noel

Pusheen the cat disguised as Santa Claus

Christmas landscape

Christmas coloring page, with a pretty lodge, a tree, a snowman, gifts and a cute doe

Christmas cat

Cute Sphynx cat with Christmas tree, gifts and snowman

Santa Claus and Christmas tree

Santa Claus during a starry night with his sleeping reindeer

Santa Claus with gifts and trees

Cute christmas Santa Claus drawing, with snowflakes around him

The strongest Santa ever

Satan has to train in order to keep every kid happy

Coloring santa claus christmas

Santa Claus with beautiful beard

Quiet Christmas

Young woman reading, sitting on a bench with her cat. In the background : pretty Christmas trees, buildings and a beautiful moon with a Christmas cap.

Christmas Doodle

A cute Doodle to celebrate Christmas

Coloring Page Zentangle Reindeer Christmas

Beautiful Christmas reindeer coloring with zentangle pattern

Coloring Page Zentangle Crowned Christmas

Stunning Christmas Crown with intricate zentangle patterns

Coloring Page Zentangle Bell Christmas

Coloring page of a Christmas bell with zentangle patterns

Coloring Page Zentangle Log Christmas

Complex coloring page of a Christmas log with a Christmas egg

Coloring christmas reindeer nontachai hengtragool

Christmas Reindeer, with beautiful patterns

Coloring christmas bells

Very complex coloring page, with the Christmas Bells and many different patterns

Coloring adult christmas tree simple

Simple Christmas tree

Coloring adult christmas gifts

Christmas gifts

Coloring adult christmas crown

Let's customize this lovely Advent crown

Coloring winter sports ilonitta

Winter sports, square format

Coloring santa claus with text and background

Santa Claus with text and background

Coloring santa claus with background

Santa Claus with background

Coloring page nighmare before christmas

Nightmare before Christmas : Jack's head