Coloring pages inspired by Doctor Who

Do you know Dr. Who and his unique universe ?

It’s one of the oldest TV series still broadcasted, indeed it has been produced by the BBC since 1963. 

Here are 11 coloring pages inspired by this famous British TV Series, offered by !


Twelve actors have headlined the series as the Doctor, you will see some of them oh these original drawings.

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New Classic Horror Movie Coloring pages !

There are many adults who love horror movies and many adults who love coloring.

These two groups can come together just in time for Halloween with this collection of scary movie coloring pages from Costume SuperCenter.

They created incredible drawings to color with your favorites movie serial killers, including Freddy, Jason, Pennywise, Billy The Puppet and Chucky.

What better way to enjoy the spooky holiday season than to color in a Freddy Krueger coloring page while wearing a Freddy Krueger costume?

These horror movie coloring pages are a real scream !

Discover these exclusive creations in the “Halloween Coloring pages gallery” !

Are you ready to color these scary coloring pages ??

Holidays pictures contest

Did you have good holidays ?

We offer you a nice little Facebook contest to remind us and share our good holiday memories ! It’s simple:

  • Post in comment of this post your most beautiful holiday photo (without characters, only landscape, city, tourist location, etc…)


  • Like the photos you prefer


  • Among the 5 most liked photos, our jury of partner artists will choose a photo that will be… transformed into coloring and published on, with the name / name of its author!!

You have until September 15th ! It’s here !

Manga: Origins and conventions

Manga is a Japanese term meaning “comic”. Manga in Occident is today perceived as a comic coming from Japan. In Japan, it signifies both comic and cartoon.


In Japan, people from all ages read manga. The different genre of manga let this large public satisfied. These genre include action-adventure, sport, business, historic, comedy or even romance among others.





Manga became popular in Japan in the 1950s, during American occupation after the second war.
These Americans are the ones who bring with them comics and films. This new source of inspiration is the origin of the new manga era. It is the start of the golden age.

Osamu Tezuka

This renewal of manga took place under the action of mangakas of the time, greatly inspired by western culture. One of those actors was Osamu Tezuka(Astro Boy). Passionate of animation and drawings, he uses ideas from Disney movies. It is in this way the archetype of a character with large eyes, a small mouth and a pointy chin is born. He also introduces elements used in film making, such as making sound effect apparents in pages that looked more like story board.




With the war came restrictions, and manga wasn’t an exception. To publish, the impression had to be black and white and paper of low quality. But it also brought new techniques to cope. First was the length of a manga. The low quality paper allowed for more pages at a time (100 for a manga, 20 for a comic). Then came the drawings and pagination.


Manga has a really distinct style from comic. The medium being smaller, the page is split in small panels. The layout of those DON!panels can entirely revolve around a single onomatopoeia.
Those small panels also force the use of a background less detailed than those in comics. As such, characters become the focal point.



natsu_vs_evilgreyCharacters in Manga, disposing of a limited space, are mostly represented through their faces.
The face became so expressive for this reason.  Faces today correspond to an archetype. For example a kind and trusting character will mostly have large eyes, because he shows his emotions. Whereas an evil character will have smaller eyes, hiding those emotions.

Recolor – Coloring book app for adults

Recolor is a mobile application, available for iOS (Iphone, Ipad…) and Android. It defines itself as a “high-quality colouring book on mobile“.

Recolor includes +1100 illustrations, organized into different categories (Like on Just Color : Mandalas, Animals, Flowers, Zentangle …)

The complexity of the coloring pages available is from beginner to expert-level. So it can be used by children as by adults.

With Recolor, you can color simply by adding colors in the different zones. But you can also use other techniques : special pens, styles, filters … that we will explain in this article.

Unfortunately, everything isn’t free in this app, you can only access and color some free illustrations. If you want to color more coloring pages, you will have to pay ! 

Let’s see it in details with our full review of Recolor ! A perfect app to color the numerous Adult coloring pages of Just Color


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Contest “Travels” ! Win a coloring book

Just Color takes you on a journey with the new Coloring pages of the TRAVEL section !

With the approach of the holidays, we propose you to Win the Coloring Book “Islands of dream”

To participate :

  • Like our Facebook page
  • Share the post about this contest
  • Tell us in comments in what country you would like to go on holiday, and with whom of your Facebook friends ! (Group travels authorized 🙂)

It’s possible to participate on Instagram or on Twitter if you prefer.

Draw on the 3rd of July.

Winner of the creative contest “Leen Margot’s Licorn”

?? END OF THE CREATIVE CONTEST “Leen Margot’s Licorn”  ? ?

As promised, here is the announcement of the great winners of our last  creative contest !

Before that, we want to thank the 50 participants as well as our partner Leen Margot !

You honored her beautiful coloring page with your incredible creations !

You spent a moment of complicity in the family or for yourself to relax.

Passion and investment are present in each of your creations, you really impressed us ! ?

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You like Mangas ? Visit the JAPAN EXPO in Paris


The Japan Expo which takes place in Paris every year is a four days’ festival where about 250 000 visitors have met since 1999. More than 700 exhibitors come to share their creativity and their passions. The main animations are held on the different scenes.

What is it?

japan-expo-2013-des-filles-sexy-en-costume_128894_wideThis unmissable event brings together Japanese culture and leisure devotees.

For some visitors now regular, this appointment has become a routine.

Dressed in various outfits, they wander the aisles looking for goodies to buy such as cuddly toys, katanas, accessories, clothes …

The Japan Expo is a fun and participatory festival. Its target remains generally young but the phenomenon of generations renewal and the multitude of themes attract every year new enthusiasts or curious people of different ages.


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