Books and Comics Coloring Pages for Adults - Page 2

Here are Coloring made from original illustrations from Comic books (Marvel, DC Comics ...), or illustrated versions of famous Books.

You will also find original drawings to print created by our artists and inspired by "classics" like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter ...

Coloring page adult bob bobette

Original drawing by Willy Vandersteen used for the cartoon "Bob and Bobette", 1951. (Brussels Comic Strip Museum)

Coloring page natasha original cover

Original drawing by François Walthéry : cover of one of the episodes of Natasha, famous strip cartoon. (Brussels Comic Strip Museum)

Coloring page tintin the blue lotus

Coloring page created from "The Blue Lotus" : the fifth volume of The Adventures of Tintin

Coloring pages alice in wonderlands old illustration

Coloring page created from an old illustration from the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll

Coloring adult comics fantastic four silver surfer 60s

Comics fantastic four silver surfer 60s

Coloring adult comics fantastic four 1969

Comics fantastic four 1969

Coloring adult comics xmen 1965 unreleased cover

Comics xmen 1965 unreleased cover

Coloring adult comics fantastic for unreleased cover 1963

Comics fantastic for unreleased cover 1963

Coloring adult captain america vs hitler

Captain america vs hitler

Coloring tintin in america

Tintin in america

Coloring tintin characters lotus bleu

Tintin characters lotus bleu

Coloring illustration alice in wonderland

Illustration alice in wonderland

Coloring tintin inspiration

Tintin inspiration

Coloring tintin in america herge

Tintin in america herge

Coloring tintin on a elephant

Tintin on a elephant

Coloring tintin the blue lotus

Tintin the blue lotus

Coloring tintin tintin in america

Tintin tintin in america

Coloring tintin prisoners of sun drawing

Tintin prisoners of sun drawing

Coloring tintin the seven christal balls

Tintin the seven christal balls

Coloring comic mickey minnie

Comic mickey minnie