Architecture, Cities and Houses Coloring Pages for Adults

This gallery is certainly a little less "natural" than our "Flowers and vegetation", "Insects and Animals" galleries ...
But these coloring pages related to architecture will provide you Zen and Relaxing moments.

Ancient or modern, dreamed or futuristic, the architectures that we present have been selected for their richness in detail, their harmony, their connection with nature, but also for ... their complexity!
For sure, it is a adult coloring website!

Here is our selection of images to print and color of monuments, or just simple homes ... , which will grow as the time.

Nice royal castle

Coloring of a castle in an imaginary kingdom

Montreal drawing

Montreal drawing (Québec, Canada)


Coloring created from the most emblematic monuments of Montreal, with Mount Royal in the background

Amsterdam : Houses and bridges

Houses and bridges of Amsterdam

Greek Village

Drawing of a traditional village in Greece with windmill and cute houses

Victorian house

Victorian house and young woman dressed with the elegance of the time

Avignon (France)

Avignon (France) : The Palace of the Popes and the « Pont d'Avignon »

Simple town and beautiful houses

A city of beautiful houses with simple and elegant designs

Sunny afternoon in town

Coloring page of a sunny afternoon in a downtown with timbered houses, and an unicorn statue

Red Square in Moscow, with sky full of stars

Original drawing of Red Square in Moscow, Russia, with a sky full of clouds, snow and cute stars

Red Square in Moscow

Unique coloring page representing Red Square in Moscow

Mont Saint Michel (France)

Original drawing of Mont-Saint-Michel in France.

Village in Dordogne, France

Visit (with your pencils and markers) this pretty little hamlet of Dordogne, its narrow streets and pretty houses ...

Greek house

Pretty greek house with cute plants and flowers

Incredible city

Color this city that seems to have been created in the Video game Sim City ! Incredible buildings : all different and unique

Kiev, merveille architecturale

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev and its architecture

The city of San Francisco

Discover San Francisco, a city in Northern California and its homes

Coloring house and flowers by Leen Margot

Pretty house with trees, flowers and cat on the roof

Coloring north america street

North America city street with buildings, traffic light, crosswalk and traffic sign.

Coloring floating city in the sky konstantinos liaramantzas

City floating in the sky