The Card Players by Paul Cézanne

The Card Players is the name of the most famous series of paintings by Paul Cézanne, the renowned French artist who transformed the world of art in the late 19th century.

The artist, by reducing the features and details, seeks only to keep the essential: the gravity of the confrontation between these plays.

This series consists of 5 different paintings that all feature the same subject which is two or three card players that are playing cards on a table.

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What is Art Brut ?

Art Brut realisations are made by self-taught designers. Alone, they create without being concerned either with the criticism of the public or with the gaze of others.

Without the need to be recognized as artists, they conceive their own universe. Their works are unaffected by influences from artistic tradition. 

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What should I bring to my hosts for Thanksgiving?

What should I bring to my Thanksgiving hosts?

Happy Thanksgiving !
Happy Thanksgiving !

During Thanksgiving’s period, the hosts must spend a lot of money in all the preparations. As a guest, it is lovely to bring something to thank them for all their work and their welcome. Even if it is not something exceptional, the most important is to do not come empty-handed.

We can imagine how difficult it can be to find a nice (and original!) idea so we decided to set up a TOP 5 that will may help you!


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We LOVE Art Deco

Art deco, a French abbreviation of Decorative Art, is an artistic movement born around the years 1910. It succeeds to the Art Nouveau (New Art). This new style gives a modern touch in a booming society. In the 1920, golden age for the industry (industrial revolution), Art Deco knew the best of its time. This …
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The meaning of colors

Coloring page don’t have any secret for you. You use the colored pencil like a master. But, do you know the colors meaning ?

This article can change you manner to coloring.

The different colors
The different colors

Red : the uncontrollable

Obviously, red is color of fire. And it burns ! But it’s also and especially uncontrollable. Appease this color can be difficult !

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Origins of Mandalas

Mandalas! You may already practice this spiritual art to perfection, or on the contrary you might have never even heard of it.

One thing is certain, whether it the Marie’s rosettes, the neighbour of the primary school or the strained-glass of the church during the baptism of John, we can see it regularly, since we were kids.

Rosette in a child – April 5, 2014

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