Enter into Steve McDonald’s Fantastic Cities

We are honored to introduce you Steve Mcdonald, Canadian artist and illustrator.

Married and dad of two young girls : Roxana and Asha, Steve is graduated from Art and Design. He lives in Ontario  (Canada) and has lived in many countries including Italy, Saudi Arabia, India and Indonesia … it’s thanks to all his travels that he has found the inspiration for his coloring books projects.

Today he succeeds in the world of Art, particularly in the field of the coloring pages for adults … His success is undeniably due to his incredible imagination and talent !


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Discover Mimieve’s fantastic world

Marie-eve Klein, or “Mimieve” is now one of the JustColor.net partner artists !
This Belgian self-taught designer will seduce you with her fantastic and childish world.
She’s also a designer in the collective Global Doodle Gems and the author of the book entitled Dreamlike Journey” released in 2017 and available in English and French.
To present you in more details this new artist, we asked her some questions … Mimieve tells us about her :

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A trip to Java with Amreta

We are delighted to introduce to you Amreta, a talented javanese artist with whimsy drawings inspired by her culture.


amreta 1
The artist, Amreta Sidik

Hello Amreta. Could you introduce yourself in a few words to our web users ?

Hi there ! My name is Amreta and I’m a proud late-bloomer, self-taught artist living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I create both colourful artwork and colouring pages, mostly inspired by nature, animal, javanese puppets (wayang) and swedish kurbits. I’m also a firm believer of a creative process called “trial-and-error”.


How did your passion for drawings come up to you ?

I was born into a pair of artist parents, but I never wanted to be an artist until my late twenties when I started to create my own graphics since I couldn’t find suitable graphics for my first website. I was hooked. It was like revisiting my childhood time watching my father creating his paintings..

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Allan & Valentin : 2 Art students in the team for one month

We are pleased to welcome this month of May two Art students : Allan & Valentin.

Allan & Valentin : 2 young artists creating coloring pages for the website
Allan & Valentin : 2 young artists creating coloring pages for the website

From the Lycée Le Corbusier in Tourcoing (France), they perform their annual internship with us.

Their mission: produce coloring pages for the website !

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Discover the Zen Tangle with Cathy M drawings !

We are pleased to welcome to the site a new partner artist, this is Cathy M.
Her specialty? Zen Tangle! This is a design technique based on doodling,  pretty abstract at first sight. But Cathy adds his personal touch by including messages, drawings … and the result is just unique!

If you understand French, this is an interview of Cathy for the website BeauxArts.fr.

With Cathy’s agreement, we adapted his works at coloring, passing the 100% Black & White, and increasing the contrast.
The coloring in question are distributed in galleries Zen & Anti-stress, Flowers & vegetation and China.
Examples of coloring created from Cathy M works
Examples of coloring created from Cathy M works

These coloring pages will please you undoubtedly, we are waiting for your comments on our Facebook page  !

If you want to know more about Cathy M and her work :
And so, go in the sections Zen & Anti-stress, Flowers & vegetation and China to download and print for free these new exclusive coloring pages !
N’hésitez pas à publier vos travaux sur notre page Facebook, nous les partagerons.
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