TOP 5 of the best coloring applications

5. Colorfy

Colorfy is a coloring book with more than 500 drawings!
In addition to being free, Colorfy does not require an internet connection. So you can relax in your garden, while the children play on the console, or on long flights without wifi.
Choose the image you want to color, take your (virtual) pencil and relax!

4. Mandala Coloring

It has been proven that adult colouring books that contain Mandala designs, such as flower Mandala, can have an anti-stress impact on people and can soothe the mind.
An Adult Mandala Coloring game is made of anti-stress coloring drawings and difficult Mandala that require all the attention and concentration.
This helps you express your feelings through coloring, and creates a sense of accomplishment.

Mandala Coloring has 200 pages of coloring for adults and children. These drawings vary from the easy to the complex so that everyone can enjoy a moment of relaxation and zenitude!

3. Colority

This coloring application is for everyone who wants to relax and reduce stress. The best thing you can do is to appreciate the benefits:

  • Choose from different color palettes and color shades.
  • Apply beautiful textures, filters and stickers to images.
  • Art gallery to save your atwork.

2. Happy color

Discover this new coloring application and discover all different and unique designs, with animals, unicorns, Mandalas and many more!
Color and re-color your favorite images, rediscover the pleasure of coloring.
You can Color and create beautiful images that you can save and share with your friends.
The strength of Happy Color is the constant addition of new coloring pages, moreover, the application is very easy to use, so it is suitable for all amateur colorists.

1. Pigment

Relax with Pigment, the latest coloring book app. You can choose to “tap and fill” or immerse yourself in the unique Pigment coloring experience that allows you to color as you would on paper, with 21 different pencils, markers and brushes.
Pigment offers the largest collection of high-quality illustrations, including flowers, mermaids, animals, landscapes, Mandalas and much more!
Once you’re done coloring, you can easily share your creations with friends and family and even print them.

  • Pigment is the only coloring book application that simulates pencil, marker and brush strokes for a realistic coloring experience.
  • Unlimited number of colours using professionally selected palettes and innovative colour control.

The best is that you try these applications yourself at the following links:

App Store:5. Colorfy — 4. Coloriage Mandala — 3. Art thérapie coloriage — 2. Happy color
1. Pigment

Google Play:5. Colorfy — 4. Coloriage Mandala — 3. Art thérapie coloriage — 2. Happy color –1. Pigment

Fashion, accessories, decoration … Mandalas are everywhere !

Originally, the Mandalas were mainly devoted to Buddhist meditation (see this article on the origin ). Today, due to its benefits, the Mandala has become an ornamental symbol that can be found in many “trend” objects.

First, you do you know that everyone can make a Mandala ?

Many of you have probably already drawn a rose. Equipped with a compass, a pencil and a sheet of paper, it’s possible to quickly obtain a creation such as the drawing below :

But of course, the “real” Mandalas are much more complete, more precise and richer in details than that ! Our Mandala coloring pages gallery is the proof of that. Don’t hesitate to explore it if it’s not already done …

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Recolor – Coloring book app for adults

Recolor is a mobile application, available for iOS (Iphone, Ipad…) and Android. It defines itself as a “high-quality colouring book on mobile“.

Recolor includes +1100 illustrations, organized into different categories (Like on Just Color : Mandalas, Animals, Flowers, Zentangle …)

The complexity of the coloring pages available is from beginner to expert-level. So it can be used by children as by adults.

With Recolor, you can color simply by adding colors in the different zones. But you can also use other techniques : special pens, styles, filters … that we will explain in this article.

Unfortunately, everything isn’t free in this app, you can only access and color some free illustrations. If you want to color more coloring pages, you will have to pay ! 

Let’s see it in details with our full review of Recolor ! A perfect app to color the numerous Adult coloring pages of Just Color


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What should I bring to my hosts for Thanksgiving?

What should I bring to my Thanksgiving hosts?

Happy Thanksgiving !
Happy Thanksgiving !

During Thanksgiving’s period, the hosts must spend a lot of money in all the preparations. As a guest, it is lovely to bring something to thank them for all their work and their welcome. Even if it is not something exceptional, the most important is to do not come empty-handed.

We can imagine how difficult it can be to find a nice (and original!) idea so we decided to set up a TOP 5 that will may help you!


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TOP 10 of objects to color

Coloring pages fans never have too much of coloring. Here are a TOP 10 of objects than can be … colored ! It’s a new customer trend that you can’t ignore. It’s certainly the better way to be relaxed at 100% in your everyday life. Let’s go !

1 – Shoes


How to be fashion and not look like everybody ? With these beautiful and original shoes. Take your better felt-pens and let express your imagination !

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If you like Mandala coloring pages, you will like it …

To all our fans of Mandalas coloring pages, we are pleased to invite you to discover:

  • Our new website 100% Mandalas (for kids and adults) : One of the largest base of Mandalas Coloring pages of the net, with :

    • Regular additions of fresh and exclusive content
    • Drawings created by partner artists
    • Image files available in High Quality
    • Totally free (use, all free and unlimited)
    • A content rated by Difficulty level and by Theme
    • Contests organized regularly, to win Mandala coloring books and other surprises …

Capture d’écran 2016-05-24 à 17.09.22

Facebook 1 Mandala by Day

To convince you, what better than any colorful Mandala? Here is one to serve as inspiration:

An example of Mandala colored ... beautiful!
An example of Mandala colored … beautiful!


Discover Colorfy : an App for Coloring Book for Ipad, tablets, mobile …

Have you on your smartphone or tablet an app for adult coloring book ?

This new type of application is one of the most downloaded, either on Google Play (Android) or App Store (Ipad, Iphone …).

Coloring … without paper & pencils and with all the possibilities offered by digital … so this is what applications like Colorfy offer …


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