Coloring Pages by Steve McDonald

Maried and father of two teenage girls, Steve Mcdonald is a Canadian artist living in Creemore. He was graduated by The Ontario College of Art and Design and is today recognized for his detailed illustrations of architectural subjects.

His award-winning five-book project with Chronicle Books have become an international best-selling series with over half a million books in print and have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Many newspapers like The New York Times and CBS News have written an article about him and his work.

If you want to see more about Steve, you can go and check his Facebook page or his site

Vintage mini cars collection

Collection of several models of small cars

Various typewriters

Color these typewriters, an object that is no longer really used nowadays ... typewriters are ancestors of computer keyboards.

Pinball of the book Fantastic Machines

The pinball, a famous arcade game from 1950 to 1990

Multitude of morrocan lamps

Beautiful Oriental lamps coming straight from the book Fantastic Collections

The city of San Francisco

Discover San Francisco, a city in Northern California and its homes

The Cathedral of Vasily the Bless

The splendid and extraordinary cathedral with the multiple colors of Moscow

Kiev, merveille architecturale

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev and its architecture